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Egg Carton Craft Ideas

Not only do I like to be Green, but sometimes my budget was soooo tight! That is why I appreciate craft ideas like these I found at About.com.

Flower Bouquet Egg Carton Craft

Find out how you can create an entire bunch of flowers using egg carton cups and a few basic craft supplies.

Rose Egg Carton Craft

This amazing rose, created by Jan Hennings, is made using two egg carton cups.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Egg Carton Christmas Tree
Micheline explains how you can create a lovely Christmas tree using egg carton cups and some garland.

Chicks in a Basket Craft

Chicks in a Basket Craft
Jessica explains how you can make a craft that looks like chicks sitting inside a basket or even an egg!

Egg Cup Bird

Instructions to make birds using egg carton cups.

These are just a few of my favorite, Click HERE to see More.

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