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Learn How To Weave

If you would like to learn how to weave, go to Basketmaster's Weavings. It's easier for me to learn how to do something if I am shown how to do it. This is why I like Basketmaster's Weavings videos.

The first thing I want to try to make is this Heart Basket.

Free Heart Basket Weaving Pattern

She is also has some very nice crafts, like this Valentine's Banner.

A Little Valentine's Day Bling


  1. Hi, Dymphna. That basket heart is lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday Follow. I tried to answer your question as best I could. We'd love to have your help in cracking the cellulite case --if you're interested in that sort of thing :) Cheers!

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  3. Thank you for the link and for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Enjoy your day!