"If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old." ~ Edgar Watson Howe


7 Rules to Live by when Delegating

I must admit I was never very good at delegating. After all everyone had their own department and should not be expected to work in mine as well. I was afraid if I asked for help others would see me as incapable of doing my job. Lucky for me I've worked with a lot of wonderful people that always offered to help when there was a special event. I might have  gone crazy if the offers had not been extended. I also realize that the events would not have been as successful if I had tried to do everything on my own.  I have come to believe that EVERYONE benefits if we learn to work as a team, especially our residents and providing the best for our residents should always be our ultimate goal. To learn how to delegate more effectivly at work click here to read an article with seven tips to help you improve your delegating skills.

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