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Beautiful, Impressive and Moist--the Bundt Cake Is perfect Every Time!

Bundt Cake Day is on Sunday. I found some interesting information I would like to share on a website called the Big Blend.  
Back in the 1950s the Nordic Ware Company started making bundt cake pans for those wanting a coffee cake pan. However, the pans were not really popular until the Pillsbury Bake-Off competition of 1966. The Big Blend Site offers some great tips to making the perfect bundt cake and a great recipe. I was thinking it would be fun to have a Bundt Cake Day. Have the residents share their memories of baking. Let me know what you did if you decide to do something. Click on the Link above to see more at Big Blends website.
I really enjoy their newsletter and encourage you to subscribe, I assure you you will find interesting information. 
I would also like to share their mission with you, because I really like what they are about.

Our Mission: Our Mission: "Big Blend Magazine is a company based on the belief that education is the most formidable weapon that can be waged against fear, ignorance and prejudice. It is our belief that education starts at home and branches outward. Education leads to travel, and travel leads to understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of cultures and customs different to our own, and ultimately to world peace. Our company is further based on the principle that networking, communication, and helping others to promote and market themselves leads to financial stability; thus paving the way to better education, travel, and the spirit of giving back to the community."

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