"If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old." ~ Edgar Watson Howe


Two easy to make wreaths!:

I found these cute wreaths over at something to do. I especially like the black one myself.

For my autumn wreath I ended up shaping one strand of fake leaf garland into a circle, adding a few pine cones from the yard with some hot glue, and some gauzy brown ribbon for a bow. The garland holds the shape well enough that I didn't have to use any other support.

The colors are so pretty on our back door!

I came up with a Halloween wreath too.
I found some black tulle on a spool in a clearance bin months ago. I remember picking it up, putting it in my cart, taking it back out, picking it up again, etc. It was a battle between my practical, frugal, 'what on earth are you ever going to do with 12 yards of black tulle?!' self, and my creative, can never own too many craft supplies, 'of course you'll think of something neat to make with 12 yards of black tulle!' self.
In the end both sides won. I bought the tulle but it only cost $1.

I started cutting that tulle and tying it around an old metal embroidery hoop I had. I also added some orange satin ribbon.
I hung it on the door that goes into our den.

This was such a simple project! I am so glad I talked myself into buying that tulle!


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