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Super Silly Spider Hats:"

After every post I think, there is no way I can find anything cuter out there. But here it is....are these not the most adorable or what?
Thanks Make and Takes...glad I found your blog

Craft Foam Spider Hat

Supplies for Crafty Spider Hats:

  • black craft foam hat
  • paper hole punch
  • 4 black pipe cleaners/chenille stems
  • glue dots
  • googley eyes

With the hole punch, make 4 holes on each side edge of the hat. Make sure their fairly even on both sides.

Spider Hat Punch Holes

From the inside of the hat, thread the pipe cleaner through one hole and out the other, then back through to the top again. If you thread it this way, the legs won’t move and they will stay secure. Do this for all 8 holes, using 2 holes for one pipe cleaners. You then bend each pipe cleaner to form a bent creepy leg. Spider Pipe Cleaner Hat

Now it’s time for the eyes. Decide if you want 2 or 8 spider eyes. Add a glue dot to the back of each eye and then attach the eye to the center of the foam hat.

Glue Dot Googley Eyes

Here’s my son sporting the spider hat with 8 eyes (of course he chose the 8 eyed spider as it’s more creepy!)

Spider Foam Hat

And here’s a couple of foam hats we turned into pumpkins and ghosts too.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin and Ghost Foam Hats

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